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Can someone confirm if the list below is correct? I was unsure about the fog light support. I plan on getting it done next week and just want to buy what is needed. thanks for all the info and help guys.

part numers needed:

51-11-8-041-179 GRID, CENTER
51-11-8-043-230 SUPPORT, FOG LAMP
51-11-8-044-377 SUPPORT, FOG LAMP
51-11-8-041-181 GRID LATERAL LEFT
51-11-8-041-182 GRID LATERAL RIGHT
63-17-7-839-865 FOG LIGHTS, LEFT
63-17-7-839-866 FOG LIGHTS, RIGHT
51-11-8-044-661 PRIMED FRONT BUMPER
Parts not needed:
51-74-8-045-348 AIR DUCT FRONT (OIL COOLER)
51-74-8-045-363 FRONT LEFT BRAKE DUCT
51-74-8-045-364 FRONT RIGHT BRAKE DUCT
51-75-8-046-333 UNDERHOOD SHIELD
51-71-8-045-399 COVER, BOTTOM L
51-71-8-045-400 COVER, BOTTOM R
63-17-6-906-915 FILLISTER HEAD X 4