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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
FH_RELEASE_TOP_ZWSTLG script that was set to nicht_aktiv, change this line to aktiv
I wonder if I changed it, it would allow the lock on the trunk to enable top to go back.
Hey there,

Just tried that one out - no luck there. I can bring the top down with the keyfob, but not back up.

However... I wasn't able to code the NFRM module. Missing some files. I'm still working out kinks in my copy of all the coding tools. I had everything set up perfectly for my previous E60, but apparently I didn't have a ton of files for E9x's.

So.. the part with:
I didn't do... The top still goes down though!

I'll report back about it going up once I find the files I'm missing. It's most likely a combination of several options in a few modules.

I have a 2009 E93, with no comfort access.

Edit: Interesting... Not sure what I changed, but now the top seems to go down half way, and then stops. I have to wait 2-3 secs, and then push the keyfob button again, and then it completes the process. Any ideas on what could be causing that?

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