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Originally Posted by jalcantar2010 View Post
Hey yall. so i know its only a 325i but its all i could have afford at the moment. I am a full time student at san jose st and i live on my own. I am 22 years old and hopping in graduating in 3 years with my phd in kinesiology and then hopefully upgrading to an AMG. I did some mods on the car like koni yellows with h&r sports, mtec rear with dual exhaust, m3 rep front, gloss black vinyl roof, spoiler, and tint. Luckily the car came with these rims. They are some m replica rims dont really know which ones. But they look good enough. no modifications to the engine, i felt it was worthless trying to make this slow car a little less slower. critiques are welcome but remember I am on a budget.
oh and mustang is my brothers gt sc, and the other cars are his buddies.

Nice car.. I am also a KINS major, but by the time I graduate it will be time for me to retire.. ha. I take it your focus is Physical Therapy? Anyway, there is plenty to do to the 325 to make it decently quick.. not 335 quick.. but whatever.. Exterior mods, your car looks great as is with no need to do anything else. However if this were my car I would

1. Get the same window tint all-around. It looks like the fronts are lighter? 20% all around looks great with AW. I realize you are in CA, but uniform tint is a must.
2. It appears that the rear tails are smoked? I would return them to red/clear
3. Also, many people tint their side turn signals, BUT I think keeping them clear, like how they are currently on your car, is the best choice.