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So I'm running AT. I wasn't sure how to launch so I just put my car in DS mode. I didn't break boost. Just floored it from 0 RPM. I did turn off all traction and held down the button for a few seconds. Going back to Cayuga for TT next week. I'll try it again and see how I do, but I do expect to now get the 1/4 down to 13.8 or 13.9 that sounds like the ideal 1/4 mile. Also getting the car modded to Stage 1 to increase HP to 320HP and Torque to 33O this week. That should cut it down to the high mid-13s for sure. Thanks for all the suggestions. Will keep you all posted on my Q-mile times.
Also, do you think getting aftermarket rims with new tires w/o run flats will help? I assume they're very heavy.