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sytner solihull service request

hello guys new to the forum so not sure if i have even posted this in the right section, so I am looking to purchase a 335D M SPORT saloon pre-facelift, the one I have my eye on was purchased from sytner soulihal. The car doesnt have a service booklet instead it has a service print out from lex auto lease (first owners I'm assuming). I thought id try digging the service out, as the service print out paper looks pretty easy to copy and play about with. I called sytner soulihull they first put me on hold for a very long time and said someone would get back to me a day passed no return calls. Eventually when I got through gave the registration the guy insisted the car must have had a PP hence its details maybe under a different reg I immediately insisted he was swinging me a bullshit line as I hpi checked the car and no PP had ever been registered to the car. He replied dou have the VIN. I did so I gave this as well and then he swung me another bull shit line of our systems had changed in 2006/2007 so the details maybe lost in the system. I then said so when did this system roughly finish going through the funny stages he insisted it was fine in early 2007. I said this is all rather strange considering the car was registered december 2006 so its first service would have been half way through 2007 if driven a fair bit or in late 2008 he then said he would call me back after he looked into it, eventually i gave up on bmw and tried to call lex autolease they insisted they would not give any details of the cars service history over apart from stating whether what i had on the print out was correct however this doesnt allow me to check it as the operator could agree to everything i say down the phone. just wanted to know does anyone know why they wont hand over the cars services it has had and if there is a way to make them tell you ? either bmw or lex autolease ?