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Euro Spec Tail Lights - Assistance Needed

Hello everyone, I have spent quite a bit of time researching this on my own, but there is just so much out there, I figured I would place my first post and ask for some assistance.

Basically, this fall I am transferring to Europe for 2-3 years, and I am taking my 2008 328i with me. I have already started doing some of the conversions to comply with European standards, including the light switch for the rear fog light. What I would like to do now is finding a set of tail lights that will comply.

I have found many products for the e90, but I cannot decide on any because I am not certain if there are any specifics I am missing. For example, would the OEM Black Line sold here in the U.S. work? Are there any other ones you guys would recommend? I would prefer Halogen for the amber turn signal, but LED would work too if needed.

Time is running out and I would like to get this going. Thanks in advance for your assistance.