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Originally Posted by turugara View Post
What I find impressive is the HPF turnaround time. If those numbers are upheld where the different stages are installed as quickly as they said and HPF offers financing + one way shipping, they are going to KILL it. Once they get into the 335/135 market with that type of customer service, assuming its true, they will be HUGE for this community.\

Many other companies could take a leaf out of their book if HPF is actually able to deliver on their promises.
You dont have to assume anything. Remember way back when when Chris said they where done developing on the e46 platfrom and would be focusing all his recources on the 335... ummm... welll.... the drag car turned out really nice... oops e46. But hey there is always the road car they are working .... ummm... hey at least there is a cool new hood coming out for the e46!!!!
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