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The only doubt im having is whether the service of the car is actually what it is stating to be, the print out is from lex auto lease and states it has been serviced at synter soulihal and was purchased from this dealer, LEX auto lease said they would confirm any details I had on the service print out but its just a piece of paper headed lex auto lease which to be honest any tom dick or hassan could copy and change numbers around, A mate said just ring Lex auto lease and say was it service at 1 mile and keep going up eventually they may just tell you when and where it was serviced instead of clarifying the details. loool. To be honest iv test drove the car it is faultless immaculate, also the engine bay is so clean no leaks etc really looks like its been looked after, no strange wear or tear across seats or steering wheel as iv seen other cars on auto trader same miles and clearly car is showing wear and tear signs of way over 100k! Has all the m sport extras xzennons auto lights and factory tints.

i remember before you could request to purchase a copy of the service booklet from bmw and they would give you the booklet with any services done at bmw however every page had copy in faint across the background or something to make it clear this wasnt the original as it was lost. if i could get that i wouldnt mind purchasing the car.