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Originally Posted by ybbiz34 View Post
C'mon Ecuador.
Finally some support! keep it coming!

Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
Mob17, you obviously think that assange is being rail roaded with false charges to face the music in the U.S.
Yeah i admit i do think that.

Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
For your information, Sweden is not a great allie of the United States and they're not even a member of NATO and arent going out on a limb for our benefit. Think you're reading in between the lines and you're way off base. Personally, I hope we do get our hands on him.
Im not saying Sweden set him up or anything. I personally think they have been presented with this sex allegation. They are just doing their duty to trial him.

Originally Posted by NYC6 View Post
You have a political agenda and this is clearly a politcal thread and I dont know why this was not posted in the political section.
No political agenda i just dont have any trust for our Governments.

I never post off topic topics but felt the need to today. Didn't realise there was a political sub forum, sorry!