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Thumbs up REVIEW: ------- [AMBER] - DTEC 20w CREE LED H8 Angel Eyes ------ E90 LCI ---

It seems the market really favours the 20w angel eyes lately so I'm writing yet another review of these H8 DTEC Angel eyes.

I bought these because I always wanted to try amber color LED's but other options are too expensive for me to tinker around with; considering I already have a few sets of angel eyes already...

I pm'd E92-lighting for a good price of these DTEC 20w Ambers and I was sold.

These fade on and off when unlocking and locking just like OEM. I'm glad they retained this classy feature.

compared to the White 6000k LED DTECs, this metal construction has a charcoal finish compared to the black on the 6000k units.

Installation instructions are online everywhere so I'm not going to bother with it and cut right to the chase; the pictures right!?! But i have to say this was the smoothest installation I've experience thus far, really easy to twist into place.

Color wise, they are more orange than my OEM LED Turn signals. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

** I try my best to portray these pictures as I would see them through my eyes to replicate real life visual experience. I take multiple angles from multiple distances.

DUSK / NIGHT Pictures

with OEM 4300k xenons

with my 3000k HID fog lights.

INDIRECT Sunlight (light source above and behind car)

DIRECT Sunlight (head-on light source)


Turn signals on

In conclusion. If you're looking for something very cool and different without being attracting unwanted attention from law enforcement (blue, green, red and other colors appear more illegal) these are the lights for you. It grew on me pretty quickly; I like them a lot and I would not mind switching up from White 6000k once in a while.
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