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I don't want to look like a dummy at the track...

So, I'm planning my first trip to the track to run a 1/4 in my 335. In fact, this is my first time going to any track, in any car, ever. My car is (about to become) an FBO E92 335i with 6AT.

Like I said in the thread title, I don't want to look like a moron at the track, but I've never done this before. Do I just kinda.... wait for the light to turn green and mash the gas pedal? It's an automatic after all. If there are any obvious first timer mistakes, I'd like to avoid them if possible. I'm not sure how many runs they'll let me do and I'd like to get a semi-accurate idea of the car's performance potential.

If there's some big "tracking for noobs" post please feel free to yell at me and post it. I looked around but I didn't see one.