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Lets discuss DLS R4 Adaptors for E90's

Hello All, Im hoping this will spark some good discussion and in the end maybe turn out some nice DLS R4 Adaptor rings ( depending on interest )..

DLS R4 Woofer Specs :
  • Woofer size (4")
  • Power capacity 50 W RMS / 80 W max
  • Impedance 4 ohm
  • Sensitivity 94 dB (1W/1m)
  • Mounting depth 60 mm ( 2")

Pros -
  • Very efficient / Work great with JBL MS8's 30w RMS
  • Cost friendly ( can be had for $130 new )
  • Nice warm sound.
  • Have a Coaxial equiv that makes a perfect center channel ( DLS 424 )
Cons -
  • 60mm Mount Depth ( E90's = 52mm max )
  • No real way to mount ( nobody makes adaptors )

I have started an audio upgrade path on my E90 and im in a bit of a jam ( not really ) but I want to do this install good without cutting corners.
There are many nice adaptor rings out there for shallower speakers but nothing for these as they are 60mm deep.

Technic has a method that works well by just cutting off the mounting tabs and then laying them into the grill ( around 10-13mm not 100% sure ).
After they are layed in the grill they are secured with dynamatt to the door panel..

Courtesy of Technic - Dynamatt Method

Not the prettiest solution as he will admit himself but like many will say " IT WORKS and GETS THE JOB DONE !!! "

This is the path I was going down as I already have a JBL MS8 / DLS 424 Center / DLS R4 front components.. I could change out to other components and be done
with it but then my system complexity would be jumping up a notch as I would have to amp my front stage ( trying to keep it simple ). These speakers sounds great
from what I hear for the money but currently there is just no way to mount them utilizing OEM mounting points.

Well heres where this post comes in, I happen to have a close friend that owns a CNC business and maybe be willing to make a run of trim rings if can come up with
a solid solution and get enough people on board ( im not an engineer by any means ).

Do you guys have any interest??? Im not sure on pricing yet but I would think we would need like 10 guys to do a run, In the mean time lets just discuss the planning / ideas.

Ive done alot of research and measuring but I dont have a door panel so somethings I am still unsure of and hope to get the questions answered in this post.

Facts that I do know :
  • DLS R4 Mounting Depth = 60mm
  • E90 Mounting Dept = 52mm MAX

What I dont know :
  • How many MM can we push into the grill?
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