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calling all south african e90 owners

yes yes manne glad to see so many south africans on the forum and even some of the fanatics guys!

i posted a similar thread on fanatics this morning

basically the time has come for me to say goodbye to my beloved e46 and get an e90

i test drove one on the weekend and lets just say i was absolutely blown away loved the drive handling and power

im looking to get a 2nd hand 330i manual with some millage (around 150-170k)

ive owned my e46 for 5 years and its just about to hit the 300k mark. repairing and servicing the car has been done by myself and has been a nice car to work on and parts have been easily available and cheap can get most of what i need without going to stealership

basically id like to know what parts availability and pricing would be like on a e90 330? are they easily available or would a lot of it still be agents only?

also what are common issues and what can i be expecting to replace with that type of millage? i know waterpump and thermostat should be due

any other advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated id just like to know what id be getting myself into