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Originally Posted by sle39lvr View Post
I want to talk about rear sways for the most part.

I have a non-sport E90 328i (pre LCI) and states me rear sway as:
13mm - 33556764425

After months of research on this board, it seems like no ones knows if the ZSP has thicker sway bars or not. If anyone who reads this knows, please state...

I put 18" stock staggered wheels, and planning to get coilovers and want to go slightly lower than sports package height. (sports package is .6" lower and I want to go around 1").

Ultimately, I do want m3 control arms up front, but DO NOT WANT to touch the front sway bar. If anything, I would go skinnier up front. My last fwd car, I ran with a thicker sway in the back and no sway up front, feel was 100 better.

So down to the question:
After putting 18", I can tell car understeers even more (probably due to wider tires in the back). I want to put a thicker sway in the back to have the car feel neutral. Popular solution here seems like the M3 rear sway, which I think will be too much for me. Will be harsh in the back in straight line and stories about snap-oversteer scares me.

M3 rear sway is 20mm?
H&R also makes a 20mm one.

Is there anything in between 13mm - 20mm?

Thanks in advance.
Yes, removing front sway would be the easy and cheap way to get better balance, and to reduce understeer by increasing the mechanical grip in the front.