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If he would have properly vetted the information and excluded details that likely jeopardized military and intelligence personnel from the US and its allies, then I might be willing to support him. Fact is he did not, and that is just not kosher.

He's been accused of a sex crime in Sweden. Sweden is not in the back pocket of the US and is not drumming up charges just to get back at him. There is credible evidence presented in a court of law that he committed a crime and he needs to answer for this.

The guy is an attention whore, plain and simple. For those of you who claim the UK has no balls, I beg to differ. They are following the process of law both within the UK and internationally. They can't just very well storm the Ecuadorian embassy and arrest him.

The Embassy is foreign territory belonging to Ecuador. Breaching the doors and marching in could and likely would have serious consequences. The moment that little weasel leaves the embassy, his goose is cooked an he knows it. His little press conference is just an attempt to deflect the truth. Truth is, he's a dick.

Just because the US likes to skirt international law anytime it sees fit, doesn't give the UK carte blanche to do the same.
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