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Supersprint Headers, BMW Performance Exhaust, Euro Airbox Intake Review

Hey Everyone, I want to start by giving thanks to everyone who contributes to the NA Engine threads because I've learned a lot and its time for me to give back and contribute to the community.

BMW Performance Exhaust

Now to the good stuff, I'm driving a 2010 328i xDrive - e90 Sedan LCI. Performance wise, my car is completely stock.

First up is the BMW's OEM Performance Exhaust for the n52 (non turbo). I purchased it for a little over 1000$ shipped. Here is a picture of it when it was shipped:

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Installation Difficulties: 7/10 - When I first got the exhaust in the mail, i was pretty excited and went straight to installing it. When i took a closer look I was pretty disappointed because the mid pipe was not tapered... I'm not sure if this is how they come shipped from the dealer but if you just clamp the pieces together you will get an exhaust leak. I then had to take the exhaust to a shop. They charged me about 120$ to taper the pipes so they fit in each other then they clamped and welded to ensure that there was no leaks. And if anyone was wondering, YES, you do have to cut your stock exhaust off. This could have easily been a DIY project but the pipes should be able to fit in each other not get lined up and then clamped.

Picture of Welded Pipes - Reserved.

Sound: 9/10 - As everyone already knows for the N52 Engine, BMW's Performance Exhaust is, or is not, One of the best bang for your buck exhaust. When I started it up, it sounded pretty amazing. Although its not as loud as I wanted to be, it is also due to the fact that I have put 0 miles on it. From what I know, you have to break in your exhaust by driving it.

Video of the exhaust: (Warm Start, Rev, Drive By) -

It sounds pretty good with just being installed and not fully broken in yet. On a side note, inside the cabin there is not much sound difference. It sounds almost the same as the stock exhaust. With your two front windows pulled down you can hear just a small difference in the exhaust note, its a little bit more throaty.

Overall 9/10 - I'm pretty happy with this purchase

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