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Supersprint Catless Headers

Just some background information of these headers:

These headers fit all n52 engines (325, 328, 330) e90 or e92. Here's some pictures of it when I got it:

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I am running these headers in combination with the performance exhaust.

Installation Difficulties 7/10 - Headers in general are pretty difficult to install on a BMW. It took me about 4-5 Hours to get the stock headers off and the Supersprints on. For a quick run through first you have to let your car cool down which takes for ever. You can handle the engine bay when you have your car recently running. You then have to take off all the engine covers. This was my first time trying taking of headers and I thought it was almost impossible I tried to remove them from the top. And then the bottom. I tried dropping my exhaust to pull the headers out from the bottom. I Finally jacked my engine up a couple inches out of the car and removed a couple oxygen sensors to finally be able to reach the stock headers and remove the bolts. The pictures below show how small the space is for you to remove the stock headers even with a ton of things removed.

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Requirements - Some things i suggest is that if you plan on buying catless headers, whether its from supersprint, MMW, or OBX I suggest on getting an aftermarket catless exhaust. Stock exhaust and catless headers arent a good mix. It will be very loud the kind of loud that not even honda civics would want to have. Also if you are going to put in catless headers into your car just be aware that you car will throw up a Check Engine Light or an Error because the cat on your header is no longer there. You can either 1, drive with the check light and remove your headers everytime you go for maitenance or 2 get a tune. A tune will definitely remap your ecu and remove the check engine light. It will also benefit you greatly by remapping your throttle, and pull those extra horses from the headers.

Sound 6/10 - I have mixed feelings on the sound. For example, the start up is amazing. The moment you push the button to start your engine it sounds like a super car ( almost ). Normal Driving and sport mode driving its absolutely great. I give it a 9/10 for sound. Take the sound of the performance exaust and multiply it by 3 is what you would get with the headers. It sounds very much like a V8. I turn a lot of heads. I shift usually around 3-3.5k rpm. 5k rpm is the max because after that it starts to rasp. And the rasps is very very loud. It sounds very equivalent to a motorcycle at very high rpms. Some of you may like this but its not what I am looking for. Basically I like the low end noise that it makes but when you start to push the car up to 6k and 7k RPM it litterally screams.

Some of you might be wondering what does it sound like inside the car. Let me tell you with the windows rolled up, the sound is perfect. Its a nice throaty sound from in the cabin. It is not to loud. With the two front windows down it sounds like the regular PE Exhaust being reved while your standing outside the car but the sound is right in your ear.

Video Of Supersprint Headers + BMW PE Exhaust - (I took this video real quick sorry for it not being to proffessional, I'm going to upload a more proffessional video later)

Notes: When the car is not in sight, be sure to listen to the noise it makes even from 3-4 streets away

Overall 9/10 - I am very happy with purchasing these headers. BMW Performance Exhaust and these Supersprint Headers will be a good combination as long as your willing to put up with the rasps at higher rpms. These headers are hot. If your not careful of how you drive, you can easily get pulled over for being to loud. After installing these headers, I don't even play my music anymore. The rasp bothers me very much, I'm thinking of putting a resonator in but that requires me to cut my PE exhaust in half in order to weld a resonator. I'm not sure what my route on this will be but if you have input please chime in.

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