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Originally Posted by Jexus View Post
Hey buddy,

There's no tip options, i believe the one from melbourne has an aftermarket tip.

And just to give you my 2 cent, I currently own an 07 model 335i, and i am pretty dissapointed with the problems that this car has. The 06-07 335i has a renouned problem with its high pressure fuel pump which wasn't manufactured well enough to withstand high rev driving. If you google HPFP problem, you'd see alot of posts on this. The states even had to do a recall and extended warrenty to replace the fuel pump for free. (but this doesnt apply for aus), i had mine replaced for $700 2 weeks after i got the car, and ever since then i've been getting more problems with the car.. Just recently i had a "steering lock" error where bmw screwed up again... And would cost me another $1000 to fix..
All these errors are common and there's a high chance it will happen to the car you are looking at. But keep in mind that this is ONLY for 06-07 models.. Seems like BMW fixed everything after thst So 08 and onwards would be fine.

Here's a few referencee to what i m talking about:

Maybe its just my bad luck but i can tell you that i am not really enjoying my car as i should be.. Now days i m too afraid to rev it hard.. Occasionally iwould still get "engine fault, reduced power" aka limp mode..

But at the end of the day, i still love this car. It looks great, produces heaps of power once you tune it, mine's currently running at 240kwatw. So i guess if you can overlook the possible problems that this cars got then by all means get this car.
Hey Geoff

Damn thats no good dude!

The car in melb has bmw premium warranty until march 2013 (I imagine everything would be covered until then?)

Have heard about the fuel pump issue but not the steering column! Do they replace the actual column or a module?

Looking on ebay the columns are cheap enough?