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Originally Posted by MakkkD View Post
How long have you been running this set up? pros/cons cost...thank you breh
Been running it for 2 months or so.

Love the look. Brings the Xdrive down to i levels, maybe a bit lower. Dont want to go much lower as it snows over here.
Looks great on stock 17". Will be even beetter one I get 18"s.
Koni yellows are adjustable. Too hard? too soft? adjust them. Fronts you can adjust on the fly. Rear you have to remove them to do this. I set them on a aggressive but not full hard setting. Great for daily driving.

I do feel like the springs dont hold the XDrive weight well enough, like they need to be stronger. I can feel this when hitting large bumps or holes. Then I remembered these are i springs. That might be the reason. Still I wouldn't change them.