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First off - Good-luck! You're going to love it. Hopefully you'll move to roadcoarses eventually, but drag racing is a ton of fun too.

If you're not running slicks - drive AROUND the water box. Do not get your tires wet because you'll lose traction even if you do a burnout.

Second, for the tree - do NOT wait till you see the green to go. The person in the other lane with be about 5 car lengths down the track by the time you react. Watch the yellows and go on the last yellow. By the time you react and the car moves, the light will be green. If you redlight once or twice, no big deal, this isn't professional and you're not losing any money.

As for launching the car - hopefully someone else can chime in. I'm not sure if doing a dry burnout and brake standing your cars is an advantage or not. I'm sure you still have an open differential, so one tire is only getting traction. I'm sure you'll at least want to turn off your traction control.

Have fun and be safe!
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