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i really like the 335 exhaust conversion, thanks for sharing the pics!!
no problem man it was actually pretty easy. any muffler shop can do it. just finding an oem mtec is hard

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very nice car, only thing i would do is smoke the side turn signals
yea i thought of that

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very nice!
i'd suggest getting OEM blacklines and performance spoiler for an even cleaner look!
they are actually a oem Euro black lines. i like how it goes with the whole theme of the car.

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sick car!!
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Good job and good luck with school
thanks man

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Lovin the 325.
I also am in your same position, 19 and going to college so funding is tight.
How many miles are on your 325? I have 105k on mine and havent had any major problems yet.
i have 93000 miles. other then a cylinder misfire due to a bad ignition coil everything has be great. knock on wood

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Nice car.. I am also a KINS major, but by the time I graduate it will be time for me to retire.. ha. I take it your focus is Physical Therapy? Anyway, there is plenty to do to the 325 to make it decently quick.. not 335 quick.. but whatever.. Exterior mods, your car looks great as is with no need to do anything else. However if this were my car I would

1. Get the same window tint all-around. It looks like the fronts are lighter? 20% all around looks great with AW. I realize you are in CA, but uniform tint is a must.
2. It appears that the rear tails are smoked? I would return them to red/clear
3. Also, many people tint their side turn signals, BUT I think keeping them clear, like how they are currently on your car, is the best choice.
haha yea main focus is physical therapy . yea man with the tint i have now i already get pulled over but because i cooperate with the cops pretty good they let go. i really like how they look with the whole black and white theme. the color faded pictures dosent do justice. ill take a nice picture n post it up. Yea i am still debating how it will look with the smoke turn signal. but really like how it looks as it is