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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
The grill is pretty close to the face of the door panel and the thickness of the door panel doesn't seem like enough where you could push over
1/2" into it without hitting the back of the grill. That is your biggest issue here along with a few smaller ones. I think the back clearance will be okay based on the measurement you show.
Once you strip off the rubber lip from the OEM speaker the DLS is just a little bit taller than the OEM woofer, I would think id have to shave down just a little.
If you wish to grab more height you can trim the ring down more and push the speaker back into the door panel up to 5mm more or so.

I can do a comparison measurement of both front-lip pieces ( L7 un-modified vs DLS ) tonight and post a pic.

Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
The smaller issues are, how do you secure the speaker to the adapter. Since you've cutoff all the mounting tabs, you're basically stuck
with using some kind of adhesive or glue type product but then you've gone through all this effort and the weak link is the adhesive or
glue which puts you in the same situation as Technic's dynamat solution.
Agreed and that's one aspect Im trying to figure out, if utilizing the factory speaker in a gutted config It would
have to be secured with some industrial based epoxy that should lock it on forever but wont be able to be reused ever.
Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
So you've gone through all this work to end up in the same place you would have been with $5 worth of Dynamat. I think if you're going to
expend that much effort, maybe a solution to mount the speaker from the front side of the door panel would be something worth looking at.
It would probably require that you install a non-OEM grill and possibly drill a couple of holes into the door panel but at least you have a secure mounting system to work with.
Yeah I am looking to keep it OEM looking, I know that it would most likely work front mounted.
Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
I'm assuming being able to put back the OEM speaker is not a concern since you're already hacking up the OEM speaker.
Depending on where the new holes end up, it might be exposed if you try to reinstall the factory grill.
I bougth a used speaker just for purpose of testing and toying with for this project, My OEM Speakers are still installed.
Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
Unfortunately, I don't see any other way of doing this without doing any mods to the door panel unless you go with the dynamat method.
Hear me out, I will try to get an illustration as to what I am thinking, I think the epoxy method with some industrial grade stuff would work if there is no interest.
This if done right should be a solid as a welded piece.

If there is enough interest I have access to a full CNC shop with a friend who maybe willing to draw
this up in CAD and try out.

CNC Adaptor Idea

I think if you shave down the lip on the mock up adaptor front as much as possible until your at 52mm max in the back of the door panel.
You should gain a little clearane up front, Now I you could replicate that part now in aluminum and make it threaded.
You could drop the speaker into the adaptor and then have a cap that screws on to the top like a sandwich.. Again this would have to been thin and strong.

Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
On second thought, it looks like you have some room on the backside to play with. If you could reduce the lip on the front side
of the adapter so that the speaker is not pushed so far towards the grill, there might be a chance for this to work but there's still that issue of how to secure it.
Exactly we could move the room around, R4's Fit if you get the depth right per Technic. Its just the depth issue.

Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
Bottom line is, you got a lot of trial and error on your hands. I went through about 5 or 6 versions of the adapters I made before I came up with one that would work for "most"
applications. BTW, that magnet is pretty big which could be another problem. Have you actually tried to test fit this into a car yet? The diameter of that magnet could be a problem.
I know I have a set of your rings ( just no speakers to use with, They are awesome piece!!!! ) Problem is most speakers shallow enough to use them are not as efficient as the R4s and there for cannot be used that well with the 30w RMS the MS8 puts out. Im trying to keep the setup simple yet yield great sound. I have the MS8 + a JL 500/3 for underseats + trunk sub.

If its going to be an absolute pain with minimal interest I will just make a custom set for myself or just EPOXY the rings onto my set.

It was late, I had a fresh cup of coffee and sat down to brainstorm the ideas
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