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Originally Posted by carve View Post
shouldn't have published tactical information that does nothing but put people in harms way. He should've only published evidence of wrongdoing.
Yes, if you are interested in exposing gov secrets for this sort of wrongdoing, that's one thing, but publishing tactical (instead of just strategic) info like did put a lot of people in even more danger, and most of those people were not the ones guilty of any subversive backroom dealings. Assange wasnt being clever or heroic, he was basically throwing a handful of shit into a fan. If you want to expose bad stuff, there are much better ways to do so than he did.

As far as the 9/11 stuff, if you take the time to search for info that does not just reinforce your opinion, you will find many well-done sites and videos which address all the conspiracy theories. Some go thru them one by one in some detail (helpful if you have a grasp of at least high-school level physics), and refute them in a fairly sensible, thorough manner. Even if you believe these videos are secretly put out by the gov, the content in them is basic, irrefutable physics. They are not saying "this is explained away by factors we cannot divulge due to national security", it's all transparent stuff. Take it to your highschool physics teacher and ask if the concepts their defense rely upon is sound or nonsense (unless you think the teacher at your local school is in on the conspiracy too).