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Originally Posted by shaginwagon13 View Post
Ok so here is an update... Called BMWNA this morning to ask if they would honor the extended coverage in Canada and they very quickly told me I had to call BMW Canada (which I knew would happen so its no surprise).

So I then proceeded to call BMW Canada where they answered and I managed to get the most ignorant woman. I started very nicely asking her about the extended warranty that BMWNA had extended for our 335's and would that also be covered in Canada. She cut me off halfway through speaking and barked how the only was it would be covered or replaced was if I received a letter from BMW stating they would honor the warrenty for my wastegates because each 'recall is specific to each VIN'. Which is complete bullshit because BMWNA offered a blanket extended warranty for any 335 made in 2007 or newer. I went on to explain it was a little rediculous because other than the instrument cluster and DRL the Canadian and US cars were identical and it should be covered as well in Canada. She then rudely went on how I wasn't listening to what she was saying which is where I started to get a little upset. I pressed her a little more, did not swear or yell at any time but I did press her for an answer and she actually hung up on me.

Great way to keep customers.
Wow. Someone had her tampon inserted the wrong way....

Did you get her name/ID? Call back and ask for her manager.

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