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Originally Posted by pizzaman
Sorry guys I made a mistake. The egr is in the closed position to keep the gasses from recirculatiing.
Thank goodness! LOL
You had my last remaining active brain cell doing loops trying to understand what was being done!

Originally Posted by NRG
It does lead to another few questions however, since the engine has DPF. Number one - If it is closed on M57 then the DPF is screwed, it won't handle the amount of free-flowing exhaust unless reprogramed as well?
That's an excellent point. My impression is that, in Europe anyway, the EGR delete and DPF delete are going hand in hand...perhaps your thought explains the reason why.

IIRC, the purpose of EGR is NOx reduction; if that is correct, it might be true that the elimination of EGR won't tremendously affect the production of soot. Not sure about that, just guessing.