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Originally Posted by plokij View Post
i think the wheel brushes are optional. i don't think the spray jets would hit or clip the car. there are drive lines on the pavement that i'm guessing are the markers that the equipment doesn't cross.
my only concern is going to those ones where they vacuum your interior and etc. no matter how hard i try, i cant get it 25% as clean as a team of dudes. i like having em vacuum my shit!

i used to put my old truck through washes like that but with 35 inch tall tires, i didnt give a fuck if they curbed it or if the machine that pulls the car through the wash scraped the tire

Originally Posted by arc1880 View Post
So do you do the microfiber and detailer immediately after the wash/air dry?
yep, give it a few squirts for panel and wipe. i always do that when i'm too lazy to use a real wax and rags