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Originally Posted by dieselgg View Post
Read post #155, for the U.S., your VIN has to be covered under the extended wastegate warranty. So there was some truth to what the BMW Canada rep told you over the phone. It looks like there is no blanket warranty that applies to all models with the turbos.
No No I understand what your saying but this woman was trying to get me to buy the $500 recall letter. She was saying that I needed to buy that from BMW since 'is impossible for BMW to get a report on the car without the recall letter.'

Gimme a break, all BMW needs is the last 6 numbers of my VIN to run but they give you the run-around and try to get you to spend money. I told her I wasn't going to spend the $500 for a recall letter so they could then tell me they would not cover it.

I'm sorry, but some people might bend over the table and take whatever BMW tells them as truth but I am not one of those people. BMW is in the business of making money first, customer service comes second just like every other company in the world.