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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
As to what premium selection is from what i have researched the "Premium Selection" program the car needs to be near new in condition, low mileage and have full bmw service history with genuine bmw parts to qualify for 'premium selection'.

So in a nusthell the car must be neat clean and in good working order as you could imagine bmw wouldn't wish to offer their warranty program for a vehicle which has a host of problems which will cost them $ in warranty claims.

Also this includes roadside/accident assistance along with a maintenance program that includes free servicing during this time (I am unsure of if parts, fluids & labour are 100% covered?) Also I believe that after the warranty period has expired and you haven't had the service conducted prior to it running out supposedly BMW will still conduct this complimentary service (within reason of course)

As to what is covered, I believe its a 'manufacturers warranty' so its like a new car warranty (unless anyone else can chime in with any further info?)
I like to believe so that it's like manufactures warranty...but I recently bought my car with 93k on the clock but still offers premium selectin. It did have slight jerk on the transmission when changing gear after I bought the car within the first week. I then booked it in for a checked and initially they wanted to charge me but got away with free check.

I notice within the first day or 2 that my allignment is out too. Do anyone know whether is that come part of the statuetory warranty or I have to pay for that to be fixed?