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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
How do you know the car is out of alignment?

I'm guessing they won't warrant the alignment (if you bought the car last week yes maybe but 3 months ago perhaps not), but it shall depend on the individual dealer and how accommodating they are.

Whilst the majority don't want to know about you once they have your hard earned $, some actually understand that good aftermarket support generally means repeat business from you down the track for purchasing of your future cars and may try to help you out as much as they can.

As the old saying goes it doesn't hurt to ask!

P.S I'm surprised the sales staff didn't go through all of this with you or did you purchase the car privately with the warranty?

No the alignment is out coz the car pulls to the left...and i notice this few days after I bought the car from the dealer.

Yes as much you trust them before sales after that they wash their hands and said sorry i can't help you. I told the sales guys about my lock nut socket for the wheel. it's missing since purchased.

The sales guy didnt have the time to go with me in terms on what does premium selection cover. He said it's like manufacturer warranty and when i when and send the car in for check on the transmission, services guys said nope it's not manufacturer warranty.