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Originally Posted by hotwheels View Post
It would be easier for you if it was a spanish forum

For the BMW aux-USB cable, I know it
I would be sure we can't plug directly iPod or iPhone on the USB input... We always need the aux-USB cable

For coding, we have "BMW coding".
He says that he must have a specific material to code.
He says that it probably doesn't work with a simple OBD cable.
He's talking about an optical MOST protocole... 500 for the tools.

What we can do To keep all the coded options permanantly.
I don't want To code every time for this
The Guy who codes is at 500 kms from me
Is a BMW dealer able To code with MOST ?
Yeah, it would be easy for me if everybody spoke in spanish

Your dealer won't able to do that. It involves changing the production date (temporarily) and your Vehicle Order.

You can code it with a chinese cheap obd cable and NCS Expert, I am very sure of this No MOST interface is necessary. This is only necessary for coding MULF modules and others.

The options you have activated will be permanently stored at the Head Unit and your dealer could mess up them only in certain cases, i.e. recoding the whole car if you have to change a broken ECU or there is a software upgrade that your dealer wants to install to you.

In this cases there is strongly recommended to install your older head unit to your car before going to the dealer and then swap it again when your dealer had finished working on your car, maybe you have to recode PDC and KOMBI module after the dealer for get the dongs/beeps again.

When you are doing maintenance operations such as oil change, brakes, filters, a diagnosis... there is not neccesary to change the head unit.

My car is 5 years and only one software upgrade under warranty because I asked for it. It is not very common to upgrade it. Only if you have some problems (for example 335i turbo lags or injectors, steering wheel red lock...) And I am not sure if your dealer only recode the broken ECU or the whole car when you have problems with only one of them

Why don't do it by your self?
Retrofitting is always possible!