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Rattling sound from under the hood

Dear BMW experts.

2007, 335i, coupe, 55,000 miles.

Recently I changed the HPFP at the dealer, and I just noticed some rattling sound from under the hood whenever the car shakes (meaning, if I were to drive on the rough surface condition, bad pavement,so forth).

When the car is driving on a smooth surface, no sound, but when the car shakes, I hear rattling sound as if the cabinet full of dishes are shaking (well, maybe not that severe, but sound is present)

So, I opened the hood and if you were to look at the picture, on the top of the BMW logo on the engine, you can see the horizontal plastic holder that grips the cables (about half inch thick, 3 inches wide, 20inches long??) . and i see that part that it is broken and hanging loose.
my guess is that when car shakes, that plastic holder also shakes and hits the engine.

1. what is that horizontal plastic called?
2. is it expensive to replace?
3. can it be broken from the dealer while they worked on the replacing the HPFP? (didn't hear the rattle prior to the HPFP change)

thank you in advance for your inputs.
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