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Originally Posted by BanziBarn View Post
I went to see a house once where the original doors were in the shed and the cheapest of the cheapest of fire doors were in place in order than they could sell it (house had a loft extension) - but they made no secret of the fact that you would just swap the nice doors back on once the sale went through
Our old next door neighbour had their loft converted making their terrace three floors. A fire door was required on the ground floor so if a fire started in eg the kitchen they could exit from upstairs safely out of the back door. It looked dreadful and with the new frame just took up too much space so after the inspection the door lived down the side of the shed.

Thinking about it I wonder what the insurance implications would be? I'll bet it's like mods on your car, the insurance company would wriggle out of paying up. Wouldn't have to be anything serious, maybe just some smoke damage that travels through the house. No risk to life and limb but to put right.