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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Sigh. I just feel sorry for all the people who believe their government/media. There's no point in trying to convince people like you, you will never give yourself that chance to THINK for yourselves instead of accepting things straight away.

Why dont you imagine this: 9/11 happens in China and they think its us who did it, invade our country killing loads of innocent people along the way in their "War on Terror", for over 10 years. Meanwhile not having no proof of WMDs or this mysterious Osama (who the Chinese knew about before and dined with the family), and benefitting from our resources. Would you think somethings going on? Would you think somethings not fair? Of course you would.

But yeah, im a "whack-job" for not being a good citizen and believing this rubbish. Im just glad im not the only "whack-job". There are loads of "whack-jobs" in America, UK and worldwide.
And Pearl Harbor didn't happen in 1941 and the Americans didn't land on the Moon in 1969 either according to your way of thinking..?
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