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Originally Posted by Fox128i View Post
I see the point you are making and it's a valid argument. It do want to say had the US actually presented to us video or still images of said body, then there would be a whole new crop of folks crying foul about it being disrespectful, anti-Muslim, or something of the sort.

So you see, no matter what the US does at this point, someone is going to bitch about it. Not saying that's what you are doing, just pointing out the elephant in the room so to speak.
At first I was a bit skeptical as well when no body was produced...
And, of course, a "statement" supposedly by them in Western Media is not proof either, it could be fabricated by the US government.

Then I realized, if they didnt get Bin Laden, then Al Quaeda would be very quick to plaster his face all over the news on Al Jazeera or some network like that, with him holding that day's newspaper or something to prove he is alive.

There is nothing Al Quaeda or other terrorist groups would love more than the opportunity to make the USA look foolish, or to embarass the Navy Seals, and nothing would accomplish that more effectively than showing current video of him still breathing after the POTUS goes on TV to state he has been killed.

If OBL still had a pulse, rest assured they would stop at nothing to find a way to get that word out to the world. There are some anti-American media outlets who would be all to happy to help them there. That premise I trust more than any government or western media official