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Update: Met up yesterday night with her. It was kinda awkward for me initially but we met for drinks to catch up and talk a bit. A few drinks down the road, she kinda gets loose and becomes very touchy (this had never happened before with her) so she then opens up the subject asking me who this other girl was... to which i replied that it was a girl i had met not too long ago and that weve been on a couple of dates but that was about it.

This being said, she started giggling telling me that she looked like a stupid bimbo and that i can get better then this. She then started teasing me saying how she cant believe that she was falling for me, that she has butterflies when she's around me and that it was so wrong because i was her FRIEND. It wasnt very long before i realised we were making out...

Things were getting heated so we decided to get up and as usual... i took care of the bill. So we get in my car and then again she just jumps on me for an other make out session.

As im driving her back home, i ask her if she wants to go on top of the mountain (Mount-Royal) to which she agrees with a peck on the cheek. We go park into a hidden spot and nake ourselves comfortable in the back and then yada yada happened.

Stayed up untill 4 am when i was working at 7... lemme tell you the day is rough so far haha.

Was it worth it ? so far yes... Should i date her ? Most probably not but ill see where things go.