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Before you read this i want to make clear i am not anti-american and im not crazy!! I like American people, food, tv etc. its just the Government that i despise

About the body, why isnt hanging Saddam seen as anti-muslim? Why is showing the body of supposedly the evilest man in the world not the right thing to do? Don't you think if he really is dead people have a right to know? WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE widows of 9/11? How do you think they felt after hearing "YAY WE KILLED OBL IN A REALLY SECRET COOL BLACK OPS MISSION, BUT WE BURIED HIM AT SEA TO RESPECT HIM AND HIS RELIGION BECAUSE WE ARE SO MORAL, AMERICA FTW!! I would be f***ing angry. I would want no doubt in my mind that it was him. But they went with this poor excuse that they didnt want to insult muslums (when they hanged one on worldwide tv a few years ago LOL) because it suits them. And Al Quaeda have admitted he's dead as Al Quaeda is an American made group designed to create terror in its people.

Think about this logically. IF what im saying is true, that the US are fabricating legitimate reasons to unlawfully occupy foreign soil and fulfilling other objectives, then obviously the truth will seem like BS to society. In what scenario will the truth NOT seem like BS? The mere fact that its unbelievable and disgusting causes your brain to reject it as crazy talk. You have been so used to being told your country is great (i am not saying America is a shit country, just making this point), that there will always be a justification in your eyes of what your country does. Maybe this is normal. Maybe its only us outsiders that can see this along with some switched on Americans.

Anyways im not one of those people who believe in a lot of conspiracies, like the world is going to end in 2012 etc. But regarding 9/11 and the next 10 years, its DEFINATELY not happened because of the reasons we have been told. I cannot comprehend how some humans cannot see this. I think its just that they dont want to see it.

The American government, along with its oil, banking and military industries, are just greedy, pure and simple, and want to ensure that they remain filthy rich top dogs, no matter what the consequences are. Its all about money, power and control. Its not about "HEY LOOK THERE'S AN ARAB DUDE WATCH OUT HE MIGHT BLOW!!!"

If there is anything good to come out of this thread, and by all means do not believe what i say, please just have a good read of that website i posted a few posts back. There's stuff on there that is NEVER reported in the mainstream media. But its all legit if you can be bothered to read it properly. Then have the nerve to tell me what America is doing is for the right reasons. Then tell me who the real "terrorists" are in this world.