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So if 9/11 was a big fabricated conspiracy by the US government, (including creating the existance of a fake terrorist group they named Al Quaeda), designed to provide the justification to invade Iraq to ostensibly take out weapons of mass destruction, then they didnt they finish the job properly by actually planting some WMD material in Saddams compound?

It seems to me that the entire backstory of hijacking planes, planting explosives in the towers beforehand, etc, to be very complicated to pull off without being caught, so once they are actually in Iraq months later, the act of sending in even 1 guy to plant some carefully selected chemicals, etc, would be childs play in comparison. That would complete the ruse, vindicate the government, and allow the dumb general public to maintain faith in the governments stated motives, so they can continue their evil nefarious activites.

It sounds plausible to you that they would go to all that work, flawlessly execute this risky plan, yet stop 1 inch from the finish line, leaving off a crucial step that is arguably one of the easiest to complete, and most important ?