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Originally Posted by straight_six
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Why must you always resort to labelling me as crazy and taking the piss? You're obviously some old patriot who can/will not accept the reality, or even CONSIDER alternatives. Maybe its because you've been in the Army (guessing from your name) and it hurts you to think the government you were serving have not been truthful to you. Maybe you cant handle you have helped them.

How can you be so certain what im saying is wrong, yet be so certain about what you read in the papers? Cant you think from a neutral point of view? Im not saying believe all conspiracies, im saying put yourself in a neutrals person's shoes for once.

You follow and support your country. Be a good little sheep, until the dog that is your Government bites you in the arsehole.

Also why isnt anyone answering my question. What if 9/11 happened in China, they blame an american group, come over bomb the shit out of us for 10 years whilst their government build bases and vest more and more interest in the region. Then a Assange appears and lets the world know the truth. Will he still be bad? Of course not. He will be hailed as a saviour.

I know it may be hard for some people to think and actually use their brains. Maybe you're just not used to thinking independantly.

Anyways F*ck it i give up, there's no point continuing this thread if no one cant or is willing to consider that their government might be in wars for the wrong reasons.
I don't know where you were on 9/11 but I watched it firsthand, had friends die in the planes & buildings, heard the cellphone calls, got firsthand accounts. Nothing to do with reading anything or any government account. This is not the story of the resurrection of Christ, It's an event we experienced ourselves. That's why your belief in "alternate reality" is nuts.
You dont make sense...because its an event we witnessed my theory is nuts? Im not denying it didnt happen! Just who did it