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So let's say you've got a FMIC and catless DP's installed a month ago, and have just started to hear the rattle, and you're out of warranty of course... What would you do?

1 - Go in with the car all intact, and have them diagnose it, and hope they'll fix it?

2 - Or just have them diagnose it and give authorization for work, hope your SA is friendly, and lets you take car away to remove mods, and bring back stock to get the work done?

3 - Or take all mods out, then go to dealer, which seems totally risky in terms of putting a bunch of money out to take it all out (I just paid 6 freakin' hours of labor to have them put in a month ago... LOL), hope they then give you authorization to have it fixed, otherwise, you're out a bunch of $ and have to pay to have it re-installed too!

4 - Since I'm just out of warranty, and have only got 30,000 miles on the car, wait til it's really bad (the rattle), then do which one of the above?

PS How much do two turbo replacements at a dealer cost anyway? Parts vs. labor?

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