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Time for Action - OBD Theft

Think we are all very well informed on the issue and all share the same concern when it comes to securing our pride and joy. What we aren't doing however is uniting as a front to embarrass BMW into sorting the problem.

I've just spoken to BMW UK and the customer service lady logged my concerns. Generally her comments to me were, 'BMWs are fitted with the best Thatcham 1 alarms', 'BMWs are secure' and that 'BMW are working closely with the police to help them with their investigations. My response was along the lines of, your best secure security system is not that secure as people can access the interior of the car without the alarm going off and that even if it was the best it no longer is as people have found a way to beat it within 3 minutes! (Thinking about it really Thatcham 1 if you can access the interior without the alarm going off? - will do some digging!) I also made the point that we feel let down by BMW that they have just left us out in the cold and vulnerable and don't seem to be doing anything about the issue.

My plan is to gather as many people as possible via some form of online petition and then show it to everyone and anyone who would listen. With thousands of names behind the petition, youtube videos as evidence showing the ease at which these cars can be stolen and hopefully media giants helping us to make this ring home to BMW, then may be BMW would be embarrassed into doing something about it.

I know some will think this is a waste of time as reading some of the post on here, lots seem to be rolling over on the issue already but it won't hurt to get your name (and possibly) registration on a list. Just imagine if everyone on here alone signed the petition (hoping admin will help spread the word once it is up and running), how many names would that be already.

If there is anyone out there connected or affiliated to media giants and feel they can help in making this blow up big time in BMW's face then please get in contact. I am trying to get hold of some at the BBC to see if they will be willing to present this on the Watchdog programme. Don't know if any of the main stream tabloids will be willing to put this on the front cover of their papers as well.

Really pissed off by this!