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Originally Posted by hotwheels View Post
This a great news José !
Quiero ser en los Estados Unidos para felicitarte
Pero quiero saber si es possible de codificar un coche con el MOST para que las opciones estŕn définitivamente asociadas al VIN (como material BMW OEM en segundo instalación) ?
Mi vehiculo está garantizado hasta 2015
I am your neighbour, dude! I live in Spain

I am so sorry but this is not possible... You cannot retrofit a Head Unit with built-in USB and Bluetooth and keep the VIN coherent with this features.

This is because this Head Units came up at 09/2010 and it is supposed that cars older than this date cannot have this HU installed.

If your car is after this date, you can install this HU with no problems only adding $663, $6NN and $6FL to your VO and save it at CAS and NFRM. You wont to change it if you have to visit your dealer.

Don't worry about your guarantee, if something bad happens to your car, put your old HU back and don't say anything about the retrofit

What Head Unit have you got installed at your car now? Which is your car's production date?

Why don't do it by your self?
Retrofitting is always possible!