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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
You dont make sense...because its an event we witnessed my theory is nuts? Im not denying it didnt happen! Just who did it
I never said you denied it happened, or that you're nuts because we witnessed it. Please read the posts instead of making knee-jerk responses.

What I said was this: Your claim that we are believing a government story is moot - my understanding of what happened, how it unfolded, and who was involved was not formed by reading a government account. You are failing to discuss this in an intelligent manner - it's all or nothing for you. We are smart enough to know that the war in Iraq was based on fabricated propaganda, and that the US has had a long history with the factions involved. But that doesn't mean that when I see the sun rise, I need to question whether it's really the sun, and really rising.

The 9/11 conspiracy theories disregard the known facts, logic, or reason. It has nothing to do with trusting our government or not.