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Originally Posted by Falmouthboy View Post
Count me in too, I also don't see the need for the reg numbers, normally with a petition you need an address, phone number or e-mail so authenticity can be verified. I also don't see why the petition has to just be BMW owners as prospective owners may also wish to register their concern. Good point actually...if the petition has a category for owner or potential owner. Would ring home the effect this is having even on non BMW owners however I've heard it mentioned a few times that the newer BMWs aren't affected by the OBD thefts.

I also wonder if there may be a sale of goods act case here? Is the car security 'fit for purpose'? I guess this would take some sort of 'class action' but could certainly lead to BMW taking notice. I'm no law expert but think this is arguable and could carry some weight but my intention is not to get into a legal fight with BMW...I don't have the resource (money) to fight them on that level. The aim is to publicly embarrase them (and if possible hopefully hurt sales)

Finally - is it worth contacting Thatcham? If it is them who have signed the car's security system off as 'Class 1' are they not accountable? I've just this minute put the phone down to Thatcham and await an engineer to call me back. I am asking the same question more or less i.e. what security requirents does a thatcham 1 alarm need to meet. Surely breaking the glass and being able to reach down into the car without the alarm going off wouldn't constitute a thatcham 1 alarm??... can only wait to see what they say.