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BEWARE don't buy it from Frenchy426 I have purchased 3 AMPS from him like 2 weeks ago for me and my friend. Whole week passed and he never shipped the AMPS I asked if He have them shipped He say shortly but never did provide trucking number.
He told me it is in transit and will be delivered By Saturday never did deliver.
Then He wont respond to My text massages and I opened Dispute with Paypal.
He wouldn't give refund back I ended up escalating Paypal case and they put hold on His Account And wouldn't provide any info to Paypal. Later Paypal decided in my favor and they refunded me $1025 dollars, I was lucky That I didn't send payment via gift like He wanted, if I did I wont be seeing my money or amps.

Guys be smart and don't send gift payments to any one saving couple dollars aren't worth ed, have the receiver pay the fees.

This guy should be banned from this site, or someone will get scammed.