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Originally Posted by koreez88 View Post
Always loved those wheels.
Thank you. I appreciate that you helped me to choose the wheels at that size.Your car was the reason that i wanted these wheels with 9.5 front.

Originally Posted by research View Post
damn, the 122 wheels look perfect for 17in setup. they are very concave with that offset, which is why I always thought they'd be a good fit. Good move sir.
I was lucky to get them. I had already bought different wheels, but when i got them i noticed that they where et15 so i sold them ahead. I paid 200€(250$) of these style122.These are used ,but good shape. Couple marks here and there and some black dirt that won´t come off.I think its brake dust burned to wheel.

Originally Posted by Jenich View Post
We used the heat gun and the second set of hands had to hold the corners down for some time. it took a while and well worth the wait.
The reverse lights were easy
Yes. Reverselight and foglights where easy. For side markers/blinkers i got pro tip from professional. He said to use nail polish to edges of the vinyl so it wont be so noticeable and edges will stick better. Also when washing, sponge wont get stick the edges.

Originally Posted by lemmegetatthat View Post
monaco ftw
Definitely ,not quite black ,not quite blue. You have nice car also.