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Originally Posted by sheps View Post
Can I make a suggestion?

In no way undermining the OP's idea of an online petition, whilst it might generate a greater level of online interest a petition, will be remarkably easy for BMW to ignore.

If, however, you combine the signing of an electronic petition with a downloadable letter for people to add their name and address to it, spend a quid sending the letter recorded delivery, BMW will be forced to sit up and take notice when they have to employ someone full-time simply to sign for recorded delivery letters.

The petition can be used to give 'the cause' national interest (and use the web to increase its circulation) and use the letters to cause buggeration for BMW.

2,000 names on a piece of paper, especially online won't mean too much to them.
2,000 names on a piece of paper, along with 2,000 individual letters highlighting the same concern will be very difficult to ignore.
I was of the opinion that you could print out the online petition once its all signed up. I've only briefly looked at 2 petition websites but automatically assumed it was printable.
The thing to bear in mind is that I wasn't taking the view point that a mass petition to BMW would trigger any action, I was thinking a mass petition to the media would trigger action - i.e. they be embarrassed into sorting it out.

Notwithstanding the letter idea does sound good...attack from all sides!!!