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Originally Posted by islandroad83 View Post
This is what i am doing. I already talked to my SA this week and while he is fine with the mods i have on my car but advised me to take them off (DP and Exhaust). The reason being is because for cases like this more then likely BMW-NA will send an inspector to verify before proceeding to approve the work. He did sound confident that it would be covered though.

For me its worth it, I have rattling and also a bad seal so it smokes like crazy. I am doing the work myself to uninstall everything and reinstall. I would rather revert to stock then having to do the turbo replacement. I set up an apt first week of Sept so i will keep you updated on how it goes.
Good to know, I might try that if it gets down to it. Oddly enough, my rattle seems gone now, which makes me wonder if it was just something else I heard that one time...

When you get the rattle, does it initially start occasionally (like not every time you drive the car)? Or once you get it, it's always there, just gets worse and louder over time?

PS Any idea as to how much in dollars parts and labour cost for replacing turbos?