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Originally Posted by islandroad83 View Post
This is what i am doing. I already talked to my SA this week and while he is fine with the mods i have on my car but advised me to take them off (DP and Exhaust). The reason being is because for cases like this more then likely BMW-NA will send an inspector to verify before proceeding to approve the work. He did sound confident that it would be covered though.

For me its worth it, I have rattling and also a bad seal so it smokes like crazy. I am doing the work myself to uninstall everything and reinstall. I would rather revert to stock then having to do the turbo replacement. I set up an apt first week of Sept so i will keep you updated on how it goes.

What are you going to do if they deny it - say they tell you it's "operating as designed" What a waste of $$$

I would do the work myself as well if I had these four things
1) Know-how
2) Tools
3) Place to do the work
4) Time

..............Sadly I have none of the above.