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Maintenance on CPO'd 08 335i 31k

Hi guys,

I am new here, was searching around for some maintenance standards for out vehicles and wanted to follow one main guideline. I was wondering if some of you could please take your time out to throw some input on maintaining your e92 335...

Oil changes every 7,500-12,000 miles (I have NOT changed the oil for this vehicle yet. There are so many different opinions on what oil to use, my main question is what weight and brand should I use. I read that we should use Castrol 5w-30 LL01 of course, but others are saying 0w-40, etc. What weights are you guys running, for the different seasons of the year? Im in the Northeast, NY/NJ/PA area so it gets really cold in the winter, and really hot in the summer, thoughts on oil, brand, weight, filter, where to purchase?

Air filter cleaning every 20k (I plan on going BMW DCI sooner or later, so this should be covered)

Spark plugs every 25k (Im at 31k with I believe original Spark plugs, can you guys direct me to what brand/website to purchase from?)

Valve cleaning every 35-45k (depends on how much oil pass through you have, an OCC would help prolong this) (I will tackle this at ~40kish

Ignition Coils every 30-35k (Again, I am at 31k, so any recomendations on where to go with this one?

Check suspension (shocks/springs) (**just cause it's a 4-5 yr old car) (inspection coming up, should be fine since its CPO'd approved)

Check vacuum lines (**age) (Not there yet)

Check brake rotors & pads (**age) (Just replaced sensors and pads via BMW)

Trans fluid change between 45-55k or never at all (not quite there yet, is this an easy DIY?)

Change fluids (coolant, brakes, etc) & associated hoses around 50-60k (I may be going to BMW for these type of things) (no lift, and a slanted backyard makes it difficult)

Thanks in advance!!!!