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Originally Posted by egregor View Post
E90 here, but here's my 2c on maintenance:

* 5W-30 is fine. If you're sticking to <10K intervals, you shouldn't worry too much about deviating from BMW's recommendation as it won't have any adverse affects in your climate.
* 20K is good for air filter cleaning
* 25K is overzealous for plugs. Are you running a tune? If not, 45K should be just fine (as recommended by the computer). If you are, then maybe 25K might be better.
* 40K for valves is a good idea. Mine were really jacked by 70K.
* My preference for coils is "when they fail".. some would prefer not to get that initial misfire. But in either case, I think 30 is very early. I'd say more like 75K preventive.
* With your mileage suspension should be fine for a while.
* Vacuum lines just check for hardness/cracks, if not leave em, at the very least they should last 100K+
* Brakes, check when they squeal, or indicated by the computer, or by 50K, whichever is first
* Trans fluid, do pan drop & refill around 65K, replace pan/filter (it's one unit). Check mechatronic sealing sleeve for leakage (common). This is for auto.
* Brake fluid every 2 years, always. Coolant every 4-5. Don't forget your differential too!

thank you, input on websites/brands of oil or sparkplugs to get?